You Are A Kingdom Builder, Redeemer and Supplier
In the Marketplace!

You can apply one, two or all three of these roles to your life in several ways.

In the context of Funding the Prayer Movement, I’m going to refer to

“Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the power to produce wealth …”

Deuteronomy 8:18  

I’m an entrepreneur and business owner and I really enjoy selling products and services for large sums of money.  Building wealth is apart of who I am.  But please don’t make the mistake I’ve been guilty of in the past.  There have been seasons in my life when I got it in my brain that I was the main reason for the wealth building happening in my life.  

Simply put – I was delusional. 

The bible says the Lord is the one who gives us power to produce wealth.  Never forget this.

“Make Money … Fund Prayer”

The 24/7 Prayer Movement is growing across the earth at rapid speed.  To me, this is a “sign and a wonder” all by itself and screams WAKE UP to our generation and the times we are living in.

However, even though night and day prayer meetings are popping up everywhere, 24/7 Prayer is still not mainstream.  Most people have never heard of this phenomenon.

The Business of Prayer wants to do our part to change this. 

We want to help Christians around the globe make more money so you can help fund the prayers of the saints!  Yes, we want you to support prayer missionaries with your finances.  And to make it easier for you to increase what you give; The Business of Prayer is now equipping believers in a variety of ways to increase the flow of money coming into your bank account.

Honestly, there would be hundreds of thousands more full-time praying missionaries in the world praying today as their occupation if the funds were available.

The best example in the United States is The International House of Prayer – Kansas City.  And just for the record, if you want to sow into excellent soil, send them some money today.  (I receive no compensation for endorsing this not-for-profit ministry.)

Money-Making Opportunities    

Below are various Money-Making Resources, Business Opportunities and Entrepreneurial Ventures designed to help you learn how to make more money at your own pace.  There is no one size fits all, so I’m featuring several options.  More opportunities will be added later based on your feedback. 

And yes, if you see me endorse any money-making, FOR PROFIT resource, assume there is some kind of affiliate relationship and I’m getting paid as a result of you buying something.  And just so you know, I’ve made a lot of money using these same products and services or I wouldn’t be recommending them to you. 

And while we are on the subject, let me give you the LEGAL DISCLAIMER: 

(The FTC heavily regulates the money-making, business opportunity industry.)

So I want to be completely transparent.  Chauncey Hutter, Jr (that’s me) am a professional business owner and experienced entrepreneur.  Any money-making results or claims I make are not typical.  Chauncey’s training or his recommendations about other expert training systems are not a guarantee you will make money.  You could make more, or less or the same.  There is risk involved.  If you don’t want to risk losing your investment in the cost of a product or service, then PLEASE do not buy anything from this website or through Chauncey Hutter, Jr or The Business of Prayer.


I have intentionally chosen to endorse NON-Christian products and services. 

(Meaning, as far as I can tell, these business professionals are not believers.)

My point is … Too many Christians get caught up with only working with other Christians.  This is very limited thinking.  I recommend you listen to what an expert has to say and then use your own discernment on it’s value.  As a Christian, God has given you a spirit of wisdom and revelation … use it!

And on a related point … I’m intentionally highlighting regular, high quality money-making opportunities from the secular marketplace without all the “Christianese” spiritual baggage attached to them.  (Example:  The Health & Wealth Gospel) In my opinion, that type of teaching is poison, so I stay away from people that promote this way of thinking.

Here Are My Current Recommendations

Please Use the Extra Money You Make To Increase Your Giving And Support the Prayer Movement Through Your Local Church, A Citywide Prayer Ministry or a Global Network of Praying Believers