The “9 to 5 Window” Workshop and the Business of Prayer Encountering God Marketplace Conference, Audio CD Set

How to Transform YOUR Workplace, YOUR City, and Whole Nations for Christ!


Featuring Leading Christian Marketplace Movement Expert:

Os Hillman is an internationally-recognized speaker on the subject of faith and work. He has been featured on NBC, CNBC, LA Times, New York Times, and many other national media as a spokesman on faith and work. He is the author of 10 books and a daily workplace email devotional called TGIF Today God Is First which has over 100,000 recipients worldwide. Os is also the founder and director of the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries, ICWM.

The 9 to 5 Window Workshop teaches men and women to realize their Biblical calling through their work, whether in a corporate office setting, a small business environment, or running a household of children. We all work, and we need to know how our work relates to our life purpose and the fulfillment of God’s calling on our lives. This intensive workshop helps us understand our workplace calling. The lifestyles of the Biblical men Esau and Joseph are contrasted and how they relate to many of us in our vocations today. This workshop also looks at the life of Moses and many other “workers” in Scripture. In addition, this workshop includes a look at what God is doing globally through Christians in the workplace and the level of impact Christians can have in our work, communities, cities, and even at a national level.

God is calling forth a remnant of men and women who no longer see their faith as something to be segmented from their work life. These men and women have a desire to see God manifest Himself in their work life — whether that is in the corporate workplace, at a Christian ministry, or as a mom raising three children. We all work and we all want to experience God in the midst of our work lives. But there is a problem. Many men and women are hindered from experiencing Christ in and through their work. Why?

In This Workshop You Will Learn:

  • The four types of Christians in the workplace.
  • Four attributes of a transformational leader.
  • God’s requirements for blessing a life.
  • Why and how God is raising up Josephs throughout the world today.
  • Why many workplace believers live as Esaus.
  • How God uses adversity in the life of the workplace believer.
  • Why many are expecting an economic downturn globally in the near future.
  • The great weapon satan uses to keep Christians distracted from fulfilling their destiny.
  • How spiritual strongholds affect workplace believers.
  • How to make decisions from a Biblical basis.
  • Why the “pro’s and con’s” method of decision-making is unBiblical.
  • How to avoid the “Gibeonite ruse” in business.
  • The difference between making outcome-based decisions and obedience-based decisions.
  • The one thing Jesus had to learn each of us must also learn.
  • What God is doing among Christians in the workplace today and how he is preparing them around the world.
  • The real facts as to whether Christians are having any impact on their culture.
  • The one sin which affects most men more than any other and prevents God’s power from being released in their life.
  • What JC Penney learned about adversity.
  • To know whether you’re a person of convenience, crisis, or conviction.
  • The role of intercessory prayer in your workplace calling.
  • The one major ingredient that god requires of anyone that will be used of god.
  • The difference between a horizontal versus vertical relationship with god.
  • When God is saying no and what to do when there is a roadblock.
  • And much more…


Dear Friend,

For 10 years, I have taught thousands of workplace believers, helping them discover God’s purposes for their lives as it relates to their work, and teaching them how to view their work as ministry.

I am excited to help you step into God’s calling on your life in your own “9 to 5 window” to bring about transformation in your workplace, city, and even your nation. I look forward to seeing you at this upcoming workshop!

Os Hillman

What Others Are Saying About the “9 to 5 Window” Workshop..

“The workshop was very helpful. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in marketplace ministry.”
–Bill in Atlanta, GA

“Thank you and grateful does not even begin to explain how I feel about the workshop. This entire workshop has changed my life! This is the best gift any person has ever given me.”
–Diana in Atlanta, GA

“Enjoyed the conference. I unexpectedly got clarification spoken over me through the powerpoint presentation. Also, I made some very valuable contacts.”
–Vincent in Chicago, IL

“I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the workshop. God really did move and blessed us powerfully. I have to say I was greatly impacted by everything that went on there. I met some great people and just had an awesome time in fellowship. God made everything crystal clear to me with the workplace ministry here at my job and the direction God is taking us. i cannot tell you how much you helped me just with those two days. Everything was 5 star quality. Your staff was great. The place was great. I’m just humbled to be in the midst of great men and women of God. I took away a lot in the workshop that God will implement here at work. It’s time for us to go to the next level than just “Bible study” here and I thank God He blessed me with you and the ministry.”
–Harold in Atlanta, GA

The 9 to 5 Window Workshop Will Prepare You to Make a Difference for the Kingdom of God in the Marketplace Through Five Life-Changing Sessions

Session 1 – Discovering Your Purpose

Os Hillman gives an overview of the theology of work and calling. You will understand why God created you and how to discover your unique purpose. You will understand how Satan tries to deceive Christians by keeping them in the dark about their purpose and calling.

Session 2 – Your Work Is A Calling

What are the four types of Christians in the workplace and how can you avoid failing to fulfill your calling? What really defines a Christian in the workplace who is transforming their workplace, city, and even nation? Why did Kenneth Lay, CEO of Enron, have the perfect mission statement but get convicted for his actions? This practical session gives you the answers and the action steps needed to move forward in your workplace call.

Session 3- Hindrances To Fulfilling Your Call

What is a religious spirit and how does it affect the average person in the workplace? How do spiritual strongholds keep men and women from fulfilling their destinies? What steps are necessary to experience a deep level of intimacy with God? in this session, you will get these answers and more as you learn the four key hindrances that prevent people from living a dynamic Christian experience in and through their work lives.

Session 4 -The Joseph Calling: Understanding The Role Of Adversity In Your Call

Os lost his marriage, his business, and a half million dollars in investments within a three month time period. Through his 7 year experience, he came to understand the role adversity plays in our calling. He was totally restored of all that he lost at the end of seven years. Os has a very deep understanding of the role adversity plays in the life of workplace believers. The answers will surprise you. If you find yourself in adversity, this session alone is worth the cost of the workshop. Most people cite this teaching as their most enlightening and encouraging session. The teaching in this segment is based upon Os’ newest book, The Upside Of Adversity: Rising From The Pit To Greatness.

Session 5 – Bringing the Kingdom of God into the Workplace

This final and inspiring session explains what it looks like to apply the principles laid down in sessions 1-4. You will learn what it means to walk with God at work and to experience the miraculous! Inspiring video testimonies of leaders from around the world, case studies of Christians who are living out their faith in tangible ways will build vision for you. This session also deals with hearing God’s voice in the workplace and how to appropriate His anointing for your life. You will learn the keys of receiving from God and how to balance the natural with the spiritual. You will be ready to take your faith to the marketplace after this session.