Resources for Marketplace Christians

How To Discover God’s Purposes for Your Life At Work!, Audio CD Set

The vast majority of the Christian Church is comprised of marketplace people. They lead full, busy lives with 40 plus hours of work per week. Because their lives are necessarily less engaged in church activities, they have been traditionally viewed as less spiritual, causing many to say they often feel as if they are second-class spiritual citizens in the Kingdom of God.

According to Bob Fraser, the Director of The Joseph Company, “This disenfranchisement of marketplace people has had many tragic effects upon the body of Christ. They find themselves spiritually bored and unsure of their gifts and callings. They lack a Biblical understanding of how to blend passionate spirituality with their vocation. Most importantly, they have lost their sense of spiritual purpose and significance. This lack of vision has kept our marketplace people from taking their places of spiritual leadership, and as a result the church remains unprepared for the crises that could face us in the decades ahead.”

This 8 Pack Audio CD Set of marketplace messages flies in the face of what is currently being taught today, confounding not only the world, but even many Christians, who are bored with their day-to-day experience of Christianity. Bob Fraser and The Joseph Company messages are revolutionary! You just don’t hear, read or get this stuff in 99% of the other Christian materials on the market today. Read more…

The “9 to 5 Window” Workshop and the Business of Prayer Encountering God Marketplace Conference, Audio CD Set

The 9 to 5 Window Workshop teaches men and women to realize their Biblical calling through their work, whether in a corporate office setting, a small business environment, or running a household of children. We all work, and we need to know how our work relates to our life purpose and the fulfillment of God’s calling on our lives. This intensive workshop helps us understand our workplace calling. The lifestyles of the Biblical men Esau and Joseph are contrasted and how they relate to many of us in our vocations today. This workshop also looks at the life of Moses and many other “workers” in Scripture. In addition, this workshop includes a look at what God is doing globally through Christians in the workplace and the level of impact Christians can have in our work, communities, cities, and even at a national level. Read more…


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