How To Discover God’s Purposes for Your Life At Work!, Audio CD Set

DOUBLE PORTION!  (Buy 1, Get 1 Free!)

TWO “Passion for Jesus in the Marketplace” Summits … Intro & Advanced!

Featuring Bob Fraser & Bob Hartley
from The Joseph Company
A division of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO

Sponsored by The Business of Prayer

“Yes, I Want to Discover God’s Purposes for Me at My Workplace! I have a Passion for Jesus, but I’d like More Clarity on How to Live Out My Walk with Christ in the Marketplace.

I understand the cost to purchase this 8-CD Set of Life-Changing Messages is ONLY $97.00 U.S.* so I’ll give you my payment information below.  I ALSO REALIZE I GET THE ADVANCED VERSION AT NO EXTRA COST!  (6 Audio CD Set)

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8 Pack of Audio CD Messages for Life-Changing Impact!

CD #1 – Prayers …. Adoring the Lord!

CD #2 – The Crisis in the Marketplace

CD #3 – A New Definition of Calling

CD #4 – Actual Marketplace Success Stories

CD #5 – Faith Building Testimonies from Marketplace Christians

CD #6 – THE Success Secret for Christians in the Marketplace

CD #7 – Prophetic Words for Charlottesville, VA… And A Time of Personal Prophetic Ministry

CD #8 – Bonus Session: The Real “House of Prayer” in the Marketplace

PLUS … The Advanced Version! (6 Audio CD’s)

CD #1 – How to Worship & Receive Mercy at Work!
CD #2 – How to Encounter God in the Marketplace!
CD #3 – How to Start a Prayer Room at Work!
CD #4 – How to Successfully Walk Through Major Times of Transition!
CD #5 – THE Success Model for Marketplace Christians!
CD #6 – A Lifestyle of Prayer & Supernatural Living!


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