How to be Successful Where God has Placed You!

by Chauncey Hutter, Jr - July 12th, 2010. Filed under: Marketplace.

As a Christian, your ministry is being “like Christ” wherever God has you in your marketplace.  There is no need to formalize it or hang up a big sign.  All you need to do is just love those around you, be a presence bringer into every situation and listen for the Spirit to direct your steps, your words and your actions.  Now of course, this is easy to say, but much harder to live out sometimes — especially under the stress of a fast-paced business or workplace environment.

Light does NOT go unnoticed in the darkness.  I believe we are to be purposeful about standing out in our marketplace sectors.  Not sure what that looks like?  Well, in my opinion, in most cases it entails doing the opposite of what you see the majority of marketplace Christians do in their vocation.

Yes, be different because Jesus Christ walked on earth as a radical revolutionary.  Your heavenly Father has given you the Holy Spirit in order to minister in your marketplace.  Standing out like Christ and being a light does NOT look like business as usual.  Too many times we (as marketplace Christians) look just like the world.  What we do on a daily basis in our businesses and how we steward our time as followers of Christ, looks very similar to the rest of the world.  Having little or no contrast compared to non believers at our workplaces greatly reduces our ability to effectively minister in our marketplace.  “So God, we ask for Your help and guidance now … lead us Holy Spirit … reveal your heart to us … show us how you would have us spend our time in our specific marketplace sectors today.”

Minister In Your Own Backyard First

I believe God has placed all of us in specific places, certain situations and even various vocations very purposefully for many reasons.  We tend to think of “ministry” as huge and worldwide.  That’s fine.  But first, let’s start at home:  in our marriages, with our kids, our employees and the people we see on a daily basis.  Love like your heavenly Father loves in the “close-to-home” relationships.  Yes, this is where the rubber meets the road.  Sometimes those close to you have hurt you so badly and you are so wounded as a result, you feel like there is no way on earth you could love them like Jesus does.

Well, folks – God is not a liar!  The gospel IS real.  And because His promises are always true, every time – and because of what Jesus did on the cross, the Holy Spirit’s power already in you gives you an incredible ability to love the unlovable!  Satan has no answer for the power of God’s love. What is already in your heart through the Holy Spirit enables you to reach out and minister where you are every day.

Think Small Puddle, Not Large Ocean

No matter what you do for a living or how you spend your time each week, in the grand scheme of things (compared to what’s going on all over the earth) you operate in a small “niche” market.  If you think in terms of SMALL PUDDLE vs. LARGE OCEAN it will help give you a picture and some perspective.  Now, with that picture in your mind, imagine going down to the beach and jumping in the ocean.  How many people in the water or near the shore would notice?  Conversely, if you walked out of your office and jumped in a puddle in the parking lot, would everything living in or associated with that puddle know?  Yes, you’d make a huge splash!

Right now God has strategically placed you in a “small puddle” to minister.  Your life has several puddles, but for the sake of this conversation, let’s discuss your workplace puddle where you earn a living.  Properly defined, this puddle is your NICHE market.  It is the specific place God has orchestrated for you to bring His presence into the marketplace where you spend most of your waking hours each week.  Your marketplace niche is THE place where you will have the greatest impact for the Kingdom!

Real Power in Your Real Relationships at Work

If you truly want to have Kingdom impact in your secular marketplace, start praying and asking for God’s heart for those who live and work in your niche marketplace sector.  As you pray, God will show you areas where you need to seek forgiveness for something you’ve said or done in your workplace.  (Remember:  If you want God to move in your marketplace, revival starts when you look in the mirror first.)

The Lord is so merciful and loving.  He will reveal glimpses inside your heart to pray through.  Follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting and repent in these particular areas.  Then, in freedom and in the confidence you have in Christ, humble yourself and go to your co-worker or business partner and seek his or her forgiveness.  This simple and profound act of humility opens up the coldest and hardest of hearts.  Then watch out!  The Spirit of God will come in power through your relationships.  When Jesus touches hearts like this, real power and eternal transformation takes place.

According to the world’s standards, the workplace environment is not a place for vulnerability.  Most people fear showing weakness at work.  So being “real” about the areas of your heart on the job is not normal.  But if you want to be a light and take a stand against darkness, walking out this weakness in Christ’s strength and being a living testimony of Jesus’ work on the cross is THE revolutionary approach you must take!  It is OK to be weak and transparent.  But do not stop there.  Your testimony of your heavenly Father stepping into your weakness and replacing it with His faithfulness and strength will cause others in dark places to have hope, and desire this same light of glory shining in your life.  This is holy ground and will be God’s answer to your prayers for your niche marketplace.

“So Lord, we come before you even now … we ask for Your power which flows straight from Your throne room in heaven to break into our relationships … thank you for making a way for us to have your Kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven …Jesus, we love you … bring your light to the dark areas of our marketplaces — Amen!”

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