4 Events … 2 Days … 1 Pursuit

by Chauncey Hutter, Jr - June 28th, 2010. Filed under: Marketplace.

Awakening Weekend

July 16-17

Charlottesville, VA

Marketplace Christian Equipping Seminar:
How to Be a Kingdom Builder, Redeemer and Supplier in the Marketplace!

FRIDAY July 16th

Encountering God Prayer & Praise Service
A Call to All Lovers of Jesus in the Central Virginia Area

FRIDAY July 16th

VA House of Prayer (HOP) Network Intercession & Fellowship Meeting
OPEN TO ALL: A Gathering of Remnant Prayer Groups Statewide

SATURDAY July 17th

10-12:30pm — Intercession for Charlottesville & God’s Plans & Purposes for Virginia12:30pm – 3pm – Share a meal together and build relationships with other intercessors

Awakening Worship & Healing Service
Spiritual Awakening Impartation for Students & Young Adults
(of all ages
) Fanning Revival Flames Across Virginia

SATURDAY July 17th
7 – 10pm

There is something bigger going on. God is breaking into all of the arenas of life, stirring hearts and drawing young and old to Himself. At this point, the Lord is “whispering” to the hungry and thirsty ones who have ears to hear, “Wake Up … AWAKEN your heart, your mind, your soul and your spirit to what I am doing!”

God is shaking everything that can be shaken, which hinders love. The first Commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and strength,” is becoming a reality in more and more believers’ lives. Jesus is helping us all to focus on “first things first” because our God loves us so much, He will do whatever it takes to help us get our priorities and our hearts in alignment with His plans and purposes on the earth.

In this season, the Lord is orchestrating a vast army of lovesick worshipers who are pursuing Jesus and changing the spiritual atmosphere wherever they go. From all backgrounds and denominations, the Prayer Movement, the Missions Movement and the Church Planting Movement are coming together like never before in history. There is a convergence of Kingdom Builders agreeing with God and saying “yes” to serving one another and unifying together as the Body of Christ.

As a result, cities, states and nations are being changed because the presence of God will not only come “in a meeting” but the Holy Spirit dwells among us and goes with us in all of our life. We will experience not only visitation, but habitation in every sphere of our lives.

At Awakening Weekend (July 16-17, Charlottesville, VA) we are asking Jesus to WAKE US UP! We need help from the Holy Spirit to see what our heavenly Father is doing so we can join in with His plans and purposes for our region of the earth.

Join us locally in the Charlottesville area and from around the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Business of Prayer is hosting a 2 Day Event with 4 Meetings and YOU are invited! Pass the word to a friend and make plans to gather for at least one meeting, but we hope you can make all four sessions!

Register Now …

Awakening Weekend is FREE!


Location:The Covenant Upper School175 Hickory Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

If you are coming from out of town, we’ll send you a list of hotels conveniently located
within 2 minutes of the event.

Please send all questions and event inquires to the

Awakening Weekend Coordinator — Maddy Picker


434 220-3734 ext 103



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