I met Glenn Beck on Saturday …

by Chauncey Hutter, Jr - May 24th, 2010. Filed under: Marketplace.

…. and I was shocked!

I was in Washington DC at this “closed-to-the-press” political meeting and I couldn’t believe my ears. Glenn Beck had been up in the night reading George Whitfield (a great revivalist) until 2:00am. When he hit the stage mid morning a few hours later, he did his normal gig you see on his TV show. But then the speech shifted.

Whether he knows it or not, Glenn Beck is very prophetic. He is calling American’s to Faith, Hope & Charity (on his TV and radio shows) but the new wrinkle that got me was … he said politics was NOT the answer … and that we must have God intervene and change American’s hearts first — then we can reform our culture, take back our country and lead America through the political process. (Remember, he was speaking to a very active political group when he said this and got a standing ovation.)

He called for preachers and pastors and “messengers” to stand up and speak the truth. Glenn said “to get behind God” because fire was coming …. that we were in a Matthew 3:10 moment (judgment) and if we didn’t speak up and call others to righteousness (and change our lives, too) we would be held accountable.

Honestly, I was not expecting this kind of language coming from Beck and especially at a conservative political meeting. I’ve been told he is a Mormon. That’s probably true. However, I believe the Holy Spirit is working on his heart and based on many more things he said and how he said them, I wouldn’t be surprised if Glenn Beck turns to Jesus, surrenders his like to Christ and does so in a very public and profound way that impacts our nation in a Godly way.

At the end when he was finished and security took him behind the stage and back down a hallway to meet with the leadership of this organization, I got a chance to shake his hand and thank him as he walked by. He is a sincere man. With so many people crowding around him and trying to give him there business card or whatever … he looked at as many people in the eyes as possible and encouraged them to participate in the fight for freedom and liberty and to pursue God.

Glenn Beck is rallying probably a million plus people to Washington, DC on August 28th for an American Revival event. http://www.glennbeck.com/828/

Regardless of what you think about Glenn Beck, I feel a stirring to pray for the man. May God bless him and protect him and pour out the Holy Spirit through this man, in Jesus name, Amen.

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