April 1st … Don’t Be Foolish!

by Chauncey Hutter, Jr - April 1st, 2010. Filed under: Marketplace.

April 1st is known as April Fool’s Day. Yes, lots of jokes in the media and maybe at the water cooler in your office. But for me, when I think of April Fool’s Day I think of Matthew 25. (The Ten Virgins Parable)

The Bible says 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. The “foolish ones” were busy, building their ministries (lamps) … doing good works for God. These same 5 virgins did not take oil for their lamps (the oil speaks of intimacy with Jesus) … So why was this considered foolish? Well, it’s simple, but profound. In the midst of living out their Kingdom assignment, they didn’t keep the 1st commandment first.

Loving God and growing in intimacy with our heavenly Father … building a personal history or relationship with our creator and eternal daddy IS our first priority. However, we forget. We get distracted and veer off course sometimes. WE GET BUSY WITH OUR LAMPS! Once this happens, we do not remember to take oil with us along the way.

So what did the 5 wise virgins do?

The Bible says they “watched” … which means they prayed. The wise virgins prepared their hearts and connected with the Spirit. So what were they praying and preparing for?

Well, the context of the ten virgin passage is found in the chapter before, Matthew 24. These are some of the most well known verses talking about the second coming of Jesus Christ. That means the 5 wise virgins were praying and preparing for the return of the Bridegroom. (another name for Jesus)

One Quick Note:

During “daddy devotions” yesterday with my children, one of my sons asked me, “Why couldn’t the wise virgins give the foolish virgins some of their oil?” (great question!)

My answer was intimacy with Jesus can’t be given. 20 years from now, what I’ve cultivated in my heart in my personal one-on-one time with Jesus cannot be given away to someone else who has spent very little or no time in prayer or personal devotion in the Word. Relationship takes time. Deep revelation and understanding takes years. There are no short cuts.

So decades from now, I do NOT want to be counted as a fool.

The 5 foolish virgins were told “I don’t know you” (intimacy) …

Today, on April Fool’s Day … Let’s BE WISE!

On The Journey With You,


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