About The Business of Prayer

Dear Friend,

My name is Chauncey Hutter, Jr and I’d like to share with you a paradigm-shifting concept that you can experience God in everyday life, in a real and life-changing way through the power of prayer.

The Business Of Prayer is all about encouraging busy marketplace Christians to slow down and be introduced to or reminded about the love of God, the real purpose for their lives and helping them realign their day-to-day activities, time and resources to match God’s Kingdom priorities for this time in history.

True transformation can only (and will only) take place if God’s Spirit does the work. Deep in our hearts we are changed more and more into His likeness by the move of His Spirit. As Jesus becomes more and we become less, our lives are marked more by Him than our plans, our agenda or our human strategy. This transformation takes place through the power of prayer and meditating on the God’s Word. Feeding our soul with the reality of His love for us and then sharing this love with those around us is life-changing. Yes, we can be truly changed!

By daily encountering Jesus through prayer and interceding with the Holy Spirit, we will get to know more of God’s heart for our lives and for those around us. All marketplace believers have eternal assignments set aside by the Lord that require our joining with Him to fulfill. By unifying with other believers from all walks of life, in all marketplace sectors, from all the different denominations, throughout the world, representing every country on earth – we will stand together and partner with our bridegroom God in greater power as He transforms the earth in preparation for the last days and Jesus’ glorious return.

Having God infiltrate us more and more with His presence is a true gift and a miracle from the Lord. The understanding of God’s intimate love for YOU has the power to transform your life … your home, your neighborhood, your business or workplace, your city, your state … our country, our continent and all the nations of the world!


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