Announcing: Marketplace Prayer & Worship Event
Hosted by Chauncey & Joan Hutter

The Business of Prayer
9-9-11 & 9-10-11

Featuring special guest Ben Woodward from International House of Prayer-KC & Joseph International Marketplace Ministry
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Strategically Connecting Marketplace Christians Influencing the “7 Mountains of Culture” with the 24-7 Prayer Movement -- Preparing a Generation for the Greatest Kingdom Building Ministry Opportunity … EVER!

Schedule, Speakers & Topics
Friday 9-9-11
2:00pm to 5:00pm -- Session 1
How to Walk Successfully Through Major Times of Transition      
Chauncey Hutter, Jr -- The Business of Prayer
Ben Woodward, Joseph International

7:00pm to 10:00pm -- Session 2
Gaining Strength & Knowledge to Navigate the Economy of Our Nation
Benjamin Atkinson, IHOP -- KC

Saturday 9-10-11

9:00am to 12:00 noon -- Session 3
The Power of Proclaiming the Truth and Releasing the Power of God 
Ben Woodward, Joseph International
Joan Hutter – The Business of Prayer

2:00 pm to 5:00pm -- Session 4
Option A -- Worship Leaders / Musicians / Singers

Worship & Music That Rocks The Nations
Ben Woodward, Joseph International

Option B -- Marketplace [Arts / Entertainment, Business,
Education, Government, Media] 

Biz-HOP – New Marketplace Transformation Model 
Chauncey Hutter, Jr -- The Business of Prayer

7:00pm to 10:00pm -- Session 5
Worship, Prayer and Walking in His Presence in the Marketplace 
Ben Woodward, Joseph International

The Business of Prayer is …

        Raising Up Marketplace Christian Reformers, Equipping them to Build the Kingdom of God in Partnership with the 24-7 Prayer Movement so Communities, Cities and Nations are Prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus! 

        For the 97% of us NOT called to be in full time “vocational” ministry, we get the honor and privilege of loving God wherever we go.  Our heavenly Father is “the God of all of life” and we are to be “presence bringers” in every arena of life.  [Arts / Entertainment, Business, Education, Government, Media and Family]  

        As forerunners [ones who prepare the way for others through a prayer / fasted lifestyle], we are called to build anointed organizations, redeem our industry sectors and reclaim our inheritance in the marketplace!  To do this, The Business of Prayer mission is to raise up Nehemiah’s, Joseph’s and Daniel’s and call them into God’s plan and purpose for their lives in this hour of history. These biblical success models give us a clear roadmap for practical application in our lives today.    

        Jesus said that as the last days unfold, we would be witness to an increase in wars, turmoil and natural disasters (Matthew 24:6–8; Luke 21:10–11). Today, we can see this; while in some nations there is peace and safety, in others there is terrible bloodshed, famine and repression. Yet, God desires to have a Joseph wherever there is such distress. Around 1800 BC there was a worldwide famine and God raised up Joseph—a man who had been uniquely prepared by God for this time. God used him to “preserve life” (Genesis 45:5), to bring about the God-ordained ascendance of a new superpower and to engineer one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history (wealth that would ultimately end up in the hands of the Israelites).

Worship that Rocks a Nation Seminar

        Worship is more than a song we sing, it is a life we live. There is a transition taking place in history and we are privileged to be a part of it. Worship in its varied expressions has become a hallmark of the Christian church and will continue to be a strategic influence in the days ahead. This worship, however, is more than a guitar and a song. It is culmination of a journey that is modeled in the ancient King David’s life.

        David was more than just a shepherd boy playing his harp for some sheep on the side of a hill. He was the anointed king of Israel that was yet to come forth. He had a vision for a nation where worship and prayer would be the centerpiece for the governing of its people. But for David to go from shepherd boy to ruling king, he had to become a warrior and a world class leader of people.

        David is a picture of the church today. We are still in the early stages of learning how to play our harps and take care of our sheep but we are called to more. We are called to be giant killers and world class leaders and this invitation is not just for the few, but for the many.  The marketplace is not to be a byword amongst the church, but the battleground where Davids face off against Goliaths.

        David’s example gives us a model of a life lived in intimacy with God, fearless in battle, courageous in leadership and extravagant in giving. His life of worship changed an entire generation and its was more than just a song, it was a life well lived. This seminar will expound on the importance of David’s life and example for the modern day giant slayers in every arena of life.

Featured Guest Speaker & Worship Leader
Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward

       Ben Woodward hails originally from “down under” and spent his early 20’s traveling with the Christian band “Alabaster Box” playing shows all across Australia and New Zealand. Disillusioned, however, Ben gave up music and early success to go on a journey of discovery that led him on a solo trip across the US, to working as a youth pastor at a church in Louisville KY, to marrying a girl from Kentucky and finally ending up in the midwest.

       “My friends thought I was crazy when I left the band, and then left the country. But I didn’t want the stage unless I was standing on it out of true love for Jesus and in obedience to His call. I needed more than just a change of career … I needed a change of heart.” But there is nothing half hearted about Ben Woodward. From pastoring a youth ministry of over 800 kids in 2003 to today as he travels across the country teaching on worship and prayer, he does it all with the typical abandon that emanates from his music.

       “I have been a professional musician and songwriter for a large part of my life. But hearts are won and lost over small things like fame. So my journey led me to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. From the place of prayer I learned how humility really works. I have led worship with Misty Edwards and many others from IHOP-KC and gone from standing in front of 20,000 to 20 people in a small prayer room. I also spent a significant amount of the last five years traveling with Bob Fraser ( and Bob Hartley ( helping equip those in the marketplace with a lifestyle of prayer and hearing the heart of God. Both of those men taught me more than I could have imagined.”

       Traveling globally can be taxing on a young family. Ben spends almost half of his year traveling all over the world teaching, leading and living a life of worship. From Perth Australia, to Cairo Egypt, to Seoul South Korea and all over the USA he has been an instrumental figure in shaping the understanding of worship for many. “Worship is not a song we sing, but a life we live. You cannot separate the two. In business as much as in ministry, worship is the key that will unlock the spheres of influence.”

       From helping business owners and marketplace people love Jesus well, to working with young musicians and singers, Ben carries with him the anointing and gift that can only come from years spent in the presence of God. “I never thought that it would be possible to see this kind of impact take place. There are many who are doing it just as well or better than I am, but I am so glad that I get to be a part of a global chorus of worship that is arising from the earth to heaven.”

       What is it that Ben brings?

       “I want people to understand worship in spirit and in truth. I want to see a new expression of worship take place that breaks out of the local church, into the arenas of life and changes whole cities. David knew what needful… one thing. To see His glory in every place in a city, that would be amazing.”

Click to download and listen now: Ben Woodward's "Isn't He Beautiful"

Message to Worship Leaders and Musicians

        We are at a pivotal point in history. Worship has become the trademark of the church but the Lord is calling us as musicians and singers to see that worship is not just the song we sing but also the life we live.
After spending the last fifteen years traveling playing music and worship across the globe, I have watched great changes taking place in the expression of worship that is in the modern church. Some of these are beautiful and some are dangerous. To quote Tolkien, All that is gold does not glitter, and we must be wise in the days ahead to present worship in spirit and in truth.

        We are called to bridge the gap between the spheres of life and the local church model and that is a great calling. We are being called to partner with those in every sphere of life to bring down heaven and see the kingdom of God released into lives across the globe. How do we do this? Come be a part of this event to find out and see how your part to play in this divine season is pivotal.

Ben Woodward

FREE Registration
The Business of Prayer
September 9 & 10, 2011

Location:        Christian Aid Mission Building
3045 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Scheduled Sessions:

Friday 9-9-11

2:00pm to 5:00pm                 Session 1

7:00pm to 10:00pm               Session 2

Saturday 9-10-11

9:00am to 12:00 noon          Session 3

2:00 pm to 5:00pm                Session 4

  • Option A  Worship Leaders / Musicians
  • Option B  Marketplace / Ministry Leaders

7:00pm to 10:00pm               Session 5

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